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Life & Death Design:

What Life-Saving Technology Can Teach Everyday UX Designers

by Katie Swindler forward by Lisa Baskett


Emergencies—landing a malfunctioning plane, resuscitating a heart attack victim, or avoiding a head-on car crash—all require split-second decisions that can mean life or death. Fortunately, designers of life-saving products have leveraged research and brain science to help users reduce panic and harness their best instincts. Life and Death Design brings these techniques to everyday designers who want to help their users think clearly and act safely.

Paperback: 248 pages

Get a free Ebook copy when you purchase the paperback from the publisher, Rosenfeld Media.


"Katie Swindler does a brilliant job of breaking down our stress response, with vivid stories that demonstrate how the systems we create help or hinder at critical times."


–Carolyn Chandler, Coauthor, A Project Guide to UX Design and Adventures in Experience Design

"To gain amazing insight from Swindler’s excellent book, you don’t need to be someone who designs for people in extremis. You just need to be someone who designs for people under stress, which is, of course, everybody."


—Jon Bloom, Ph.D., Staff Conversation Designer, Google

"Swindler’s memorable insights are effective for practitioners in all fields; you’ll be returning to this one again and again."


—Melissa Smith, PhD, UX Researcher, YouTube

"A great deep-dive for anyone interested in understanding how the products and services they build impact behavior, and how to actively design for that responsibility."


—Lauren Liss, Assistant Professor, Columbia College Chicago

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